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A Pretty Face Suits a Dishcloth

By blinds-made-to-measure, May 12 2017 07:13AM

It’s funny how memories just drop into the brain (for what it’s worth). Maybe I’m driving along or I wake up in the morning remembering something my mum used to say. She used to say things like, “A pretty face suits a dishcloth.”

It’s so true. I remember some years back now when one of the top models of the day had worn a pair of wellies in public. I think it was at a pop festival and I think the model’s name was Kate Moss.

Anyway, it was so comical to see all the teenage girls heading down the road for Saturday night entertainment to the pubs and night clubs. It was midsummer, not a cloud in the sky and there they all were clomping down the road in their wellies and make-up. And they looked gorgeous, too.

So, it seems my Mum was right. A pretty face suits dishcloths, wellies and just about anything in its proximity.

I don’t know why I thought of my mother today. It was in May, 17 years ago that she died. Maybe that was the root of the déjà vu. It was the year before 911. Some thoughts just seem to come out of nowhere, – but I suspect there’s no such place as nowhere. It’s akin to Descartes’, "I think, therefore I am". (Was he bragging or complaining, I wonder?) But even though it's only my wee brain -- and the deepest recesses, It must be somewhere or it wouldn't pop out of that somewhere. It's a bit like this internet. Where does all this waffle go? I suspect, one day there's going to be an enormous virtual bonfire. (I hope they put Bill Gates on the top of it.)

It reminded me too of another thing my mum often said: “You’re standing in my light”. I wrote a blog about that some years ago too. I’ll check it out. Ah-ha. It’s still there:

“A pretty face suits a dishcloth”, that’s what Mum used to say,

“So chin up, keep smilin’, ya have some chores ta dae,

Be sure to fill your days, with love, laughter and fun,

Or your face will warp an’ wrinkle like the Ancient Mariner’s bum.

“Nae sulkin’, nae glowerin’, there’s never a need o’ that,

A pretty face suits a dishcloot, no’ a moanin’ wee brat,

Boys-will-be-boys, there’s muck, there’s noise, an’ you’re as bad as they come,

Yar pretty face soots ma dishcloth. Have ya’ had it up the lum?

A pretty face suits a dishcloth. Ah, but I’m no’ sae soft,

Ah never notice ma wrinkly nose, ‘cause ah take ma spectacles off’t,

An’ when ah’m in front o’ the mirror ah dinnae see nae grey,

As long as ah leave the light off and look the other way.

“A pretty face suits a dishcloth”, My mum would often profess,

“For you, it’s serendipitous, ‘cause the rest o’ ye’s sic a mess.

Yer nose is snotty, yer claithes are grotty wi’ skid-marks off the grass,

A pretty face suits a dishcloth, it’s a pity I had nae a lass”.

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