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A Smile From the Heart Will Tell in the Eyes

By blinds-made-to-measure, Apr 21 2017 01:20PM

'Oo U Lookin' at?
'Oo U Lookin' at?

All these smarmy, glad-handing politicos being unleashed on us for the upcoming election have inspired me to wax poetical:

A smile from the heart will tell in the eyes,

Like a mother’s love needs no disguise,

Like a large carbuncle on the end of a nose,

Quite unabashed it blooms and it glows.

Like a twinkly-eyed cat as it snuggles beside you,

Or a good friend’s forgiveness (however undue),

Did it surface without inhibition or guile?

Then a smile from the heart is that sort of smile.

Yet smiles, like words vacuously spoken,

Can be soulless, bogus or merely token,

Or worse, like chaff sent up to decoy,

Smiles are the weapons we often deploy!

Ah! but when such smiles come into play,

The body-language will often say,

A nose gets a scratch, an ear gets a tug,

Or a toe nudges something under a rug.

Are there hums or haws or restless feet,

Or distant stares of sleekit deceit?

A smile from the heart is not so constrained,

By inconsistencies that need explained,

There are no contingencies, qualms or doubt,

It just wells right up and gushes out.

No blather, no handshakes, no stiff protocol,

A smile from the heart simply says it all.

For smiles go with friendship like beauty with art,

Together they jive as they spring from the heart.

©David McBain 20-04-17

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