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Jeremy Hunt says he has a plan

By blinds-made-to-measure, May 8 2017 06:57AM

The cat was sick again today (that’s her in the photo above – looking down on me, as is her wont). And she reminded me of Jeremy Hunt. Not to look at, she’s a psychopath too but not quite so smarmy. I’m thinking more about the cost of healthcare. (I think it should be called sickcare.) BTW, I always get the impression that the hardest thing Jeremy ever has to do is attempt to look sincere.

Is he still the Health Secretary, I wondered. I haven’t seen that hunt for a while now, I thought. They’ll be keeping him in his box until after the election. Then...

Then, just like magic (black magic) he appeared on the Andrew Marr Show (yesterday now) saying he has a plan. (I’d be less concerned if it were one of Baldrick’s “cunning plans”.)

We should already know what sort of plan he has for the NHS. It was apparently all revealed some time ago in a pamphlet he wrote with a gaggle of his peers – (some of whom I suspect, actually are peers of the realm variety – hereditary even, to make matters more egregious: Direct Democracy: An Agenda For A New Model Party. (Any relation to Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army or Tony Blair’s New Model Labour perchance?)

I haven’t read it because I ignore what politicians write and say; I just watch what they do. So albeit remote, it might herald the second coming for all I know. But I very much doubt it. More likely it’s touting the privatisation, for which the legislation is already in place. i.e. The Health and Social Care Act 2012.

No need to read that either – for obvious reasons. Here’s a poem:

Always read the small print,

And make good sense of it,

If everybody read it,

They’d soon stop printing it.

Ah but they're so clever,

They'd find another way,

To take back what they never

Promised anyway.

So always read the small print,

An' digest all the guff,

If you believe your life ain’t,

Sad and short enough.

©David McBain 2011

Anyway, getting back to the cat: I’ve had her at the vet twice recently. I got one bill for fifty quid and another for forty and I still have a sick cat. Fifty pounds for 5 minutes with an irritable vet and three injections – call me cynical if you like, but there doesn’t seem much incentive in cure when there’s so much profit to be made from sickness.

That’s the problem with US (private) healthcare – the sort that Jeremy and his pals have in the works for us. They don’t care. They don’t care a hoot if you don’t have the loot. And the tactics are obvious. Order out of chaos doesn’t necessarily mean ordering a Jeremy Kyle DVD from Amazon or ordering a dodgy vindaloo (where, vice versa, you order first and the chaos comes later).

Noam Chomsky puts the point in his usual matter-of-fact way. He shrugs and spreads his hands and croaks (he’s well into his eighties now, after all). "That’s the standard technique of privatization: defund, make sure things don’t work, people get angry, you hand it over to private capital."


I suspect that, after this coming election when Jeremy and his pals get his hands on it, human ‘healthcare’ is going to be a lot more painful on the wallet than cat healthcare (albeit dear enough – and the cat’s still barfin’). Experience tells me that, when we’re sick, all we want is to feel better. We’ll cough up our last. On the other hand, from the health industry’s point of view, it only lasts as long as we keep coughing.

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