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Say what you like about the Duke of Edinburgh

By blinds-made-to-measure, May 7 2017 02:34PM

Say what you like about the Duke of Edinburgh. And you might as well; he’s never been too shy to say what he likes. But where would we be without his sort? The only other narrative we get comes from the hired technocrats and the mocking-bird media with their half-truths, downright lies and ducking of simple questions of the only sort that matter. Well, to be fair, if you want to progress in this world all you have to do is what you’re told – by the right people.

But the Duke – bless his silk stockings – doesn’t give a stuff for any of that protocol and political correctness BS. Allegedly, his most sinister quote was in the sphere of eugenics. Do your own research, but I heard that once, when he was asked what he’d like to come back as, if he were reincarnated, he answered, A deadly virus to wipe out great swathes of humanity. (I’m paraphrasing because I’m too lazy to do the research). He just comes right out with it, doesn’t he – like a perv’ in the park.

I’ve always guessed that’s what the upper-crust discuss at the dinner table. But if you’re going to dump a load of people overboard into shark infested water, it’s probably not a good idea to discuss it with them first.

The Duke doesn’t see a problem there. He no doubt presumes we’ve all had the gumption to suss it already. I bet, if he ever turns up at Bilderberg, they give him some servant wenches to chase around the vegetable patch (organic, of course) and tell him they’ll be in the kitchen helping the other servants to peel the spuds for dinner. That’ll keep him out the way, while they continue planning global governance in their usual sneaky way – behind diamond encrusted closed doors.

But well done him. Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and the good ol’ Duke have done more than all the politicos and media hacks put together to inform the hoi polloi of the nature of things to come – allegedly. The danger is not so much the schemers; it’s that so few of the sheeple ever seem to take notice.

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