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By blinds-made-to-measure, Mar 18 2014 08:01PM

Mr Patterson at The Ladhope Inn, Galashiels, Scottish Borders, has 5 almost new rollers blinds for sale. Colour plum/maroon - as in photo. Top quality blinds, nothing wrong with them except that they weren't quite the right shade for the newly refurbished bar.

The sizes are:

1055mm wide x 1430mm drop

860mm wide x 1030mm drop

1143mm wide x 1690mm drop

1445mm wide x 1755mm drop

1440mm wide x 1750mm drop

You can phone Mr Patterson. His mobile number is 07834522358. The colour is as in the photo above - plum/maroon.

By guest, Mar 8 2014 09:12PM

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